The purpose that moves the Vale do Jaguaribe International Film Festival comes from the older itinerants cinemas, when lovers of the seventh art roamed through distant cities, only with a projector and a white screen, in order to bring cinema emotions to people that had no access to it. Times have changed, it's true. Many of these cities came to have their own movie theaters, but were closed with the rise of television. We now also have the internet, which opens up a world of possibilities with its channels of free videos and downloads. But it must be said: the purpose is still alive! There are those who still believe that nothing can replace the magic of a dark room with a huge screen to tell us stories of the world.

The 2nd Cine FestiVal takes place 18-21 March in the city of Russas, 160km from Fortaleza, with the exhibition of 18 short films, parallel workshops and activities. After a lovely debut in 2013, with great public acceptance, this edition takes an important step: the event takes an international scale, with the display of nine foreign short films. In 2015, Hilton Lacerda, one of the greatest screenwriters of Brazil, is our honored and special guest.

The productions are competing for the Araibu trophy in the categories: best national short, best foreign short, best local production, best director, best screenplay, best actress, best actor, best cinematography, best art direction, best soundtrack, best editing and best sound.

The idea to bring a festival to the countryside of Ceará intends to recover the value of movie theaters as a space in which the city comes together and as a supportive model of coexistence. To watch a movie in a dark room is an experience that goes beyond the direct contact of the viewer to what is being shown on the screen.

In the theater, everyone is joined at the same time, with the same goal. This turns the pleasure of the film into a collective act, never comparable to the watching via TV or computer monitor - also a valid relationship, however individual in nature, in which the interaction is restricted to that individual with the film that unfolds in front of him.

In the dark room, on the other hand, there is the mutual energy that motivated the gathering of many people around the movie shown. There is the sharing of positive emotions and aversions anticipated with every seat neighbor; The frontal involvement with the big screen; And the grand finale, where the light comes on and the complicity of being there, in aesthetic communion, runs through the expressions of all the faces that reappear.

Come together! Good session.

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