The difficulties of a foreigner to adapt in his new reality.



  • 20 Mar, 16:30
    Cine Jaguar


  • Screenplay
    Leo Tabosa
  • Production
    Jorge Sardo Jr e Naara Santos
  • Photography
    Alex Costa e Breno César
  • Art
    Java Araújo
  • Assembly
    João Maria


  • Leo Tabosa

    Leo Tabosa

    Director, writer and cultural manager. Degree in Journalism and History. Specialized in Brazilian Regional History: Northeast and Graduate Student in Film Studies from the Catholic University of Pernambuco (UNICAP). Partner-director of Pontilhado Cinematográfico e Produções Culturais e Artísticas LTD. He is also a Cultural Manager at the Catholic University of Pernambuco. In 2008, won the Literary Award City of Manaus; the Ademar Bonates prize for best theatrical text for adults, with his work "Mandacaru Selvagem" and, in 2011, received Honorable Mention, with the work "Vidas Passadas e Engomadas" in the same category. In 2013, he published the children's book "As Aventuras do Menino Pontilhado", by Oceano Publisher and "Mandacaru Selvagem". In the movies produced: "Retratos" (2010) and Shark (2013). Currently he is dedicating himself to the completion of the animated short film "As Aventuras do Menino Pontilhado" and the production of Film Festivals "Curta Vazantes" (Ceará) and "Cine Jardim" (Pernambuco).

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