In August

Margaux, six years old, awakens early on this August morning. She goes to the window and sees her father putting objects and cardboard boxes into the car. Her mother is still sleeping.



  • 19 Mar, 19:00
    Cine Jaguar
  • 20 Mar, 14:30
    Cine Jaguar


  • Cast
    David Lemoine, Clarisse Moussa, Jenna Hasse
  • Screenplay
    Jenna Hasse
  • Assembly
    Thomas Marchand


  • Jenna Hasse

    Jenna Hasse

    Born in 1989 in Lisbon, Jenna Hasse is Swiss and Portuguese.
    After completing courses of History and Aesthetics Cinema at the University of Lausanne as well as theater courses at the Geneva Conservatory, Jenna Hasse entered in 2011 in the drama section of the INSAS in Brussels.
    In 2012, she won the Encouragement drama Prize of the Pour-cent Culturel Migros and was selected as "Junge Talente " which highlights eight young Swiss actors. In 2013, she was invited to FIFF Namur as an actress for the workshop Exchange Talent. She directed in 2013 her first short film En Aot.Today, she divides her time between her studies at INSAS and projects as an actor and director for film and theater. She creates in 2014 Galo com Acaran association with her friend and editor Thomas Marchand in order to develop future art projects. She is currently working on her next short film Soltar and work on several projects as an actress for theater and cinema.

2017 CineFestiVal Vale do Jaguaribe Internacional Film Festival

A Deberton Entretenimento production