1978. During Brazil's military dictatorship, still active, showed signs of resilience. A theater / cabaret with an anarchist background, the Chao de Estrelas, brought together intellectuals and artists, along with its traditional audience of homosexuals, used to practice the resistance by debauchery and anarchy. Clécio, 32 years-old is the leader of this troupe. His strong and binding personality guarantees authority. His life changes when she meets Fininha, an 18 years-old soldier. Born in the countryside and serving the army in the capital, is brother-in-law from a member of the troupe. Clécio begins a relationship with Slim in which an empowerment relation takes place. The love that germinates trough this meeting is guided by the conflict between their two worlds.



  • 19 Mar, 16:30
    Cine Jaguar


  • Cast
    Irandhir Santos, Jesuíta Barbosa, Rodrigo García, Sílvio Restiffe e Sylvia Prado
  • Screenplay
    Hilton Lacerda
  • Production
    João Vieira Jr
  • Photography
    Ivo Lopes Araújo
  • Art
    Renata Pinheiro
  • Soundtrack
    DJ Dolores
  • Assembly
    Mair Tavares


  • Hilton Lacerda

    Hilton Lacerda

    Born in Recife, northeast of Brazil, Hilton Lacerda stood up writing film scripts as AMARELO MANGA (2002, directed by Cláudio Assis), FilmeFobia (2008, directed by Kiko Goifman), A FESTA DA MENINA MORTA (2008, directed by Matheus Nastchergale), FEBRE DO RATO (2011, directed by Cláudio Assis), ARIDO MOVIE (2006, directed by Lily Ferreira), among others. All exhibited in national and international festivals such as Brasilia, Gramado, Festival do Rio, Mostra Internacional de São Paulo, Berlin, Locarno, Rotterdam, Havana, Bafici, Cannes etc. Directed the documentary CARTOLA - MUSICA PARA OS OLHOS (2007 partnership with Lily Ferreira). TATUAGEM was his first fiction as a director.

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