The History of Eternity

In a small village in the hinterland, three stories of love and desire are changing the emotional landscapes of its residents. Characters of a romanesque world in which their conceptions of life are limited on one side by human instincts, on the other by a blind and fatalist destiny.



  • 21 Mar, 18:00
    Cine Jaguar


  • Cast
    Cláudio Jaborandy, Débora Ingrid, Irandhir Santos, Leonardo França, Marcélia Cartaxo, Maxwell Nascimento, Zezita Matos.
  • Screenplay
    Camilo Cavalcante
  • Production
    Camilo Cavalcante, Marcelo Ludwig Maia e Stella Zimmerman
  • Photography
    Beto Martins
  • Art
    Julia Tiemann
  • Soundtrack
    Zbigniew Preisner e Dominguinhos
  • Assembly
    Vânia Debs
  • Sound Editing
    Miriam Biderman e Ricardo Reis


  • Camilo Cavalcante

    Camilo Cavalcante

    Camilo Cavalcante is a producer, screenwriter and movie director since 1995. He shot 14 short-films in different formats, from VHS to Digital, as well as in 16mm and 35mm. Some of his works are: LEVIATÃ; O VELHO, O MAR E O LAGO; O PRESIDENTE DOS ESTADOS UNIDOS; AVE MARIA OU MÃE DOS SERTANEJOS and MY WAY, that have won him more than 120 awards.
    Directed, alongside Cláudio Assis, the documentary EU VOU DE VOLTA. Cavalcante also works on theatre plays and directed de monologue O CÃO SEM PLUMAS, based on a poem by João Cabral de Melo Neto. Produced and directed de TV series TV OLHAR, exhibited in Canal Brasil.
    Created the CINEMA VOLANTE LUAR DO SERTÃO, a project that exhibits short-films freely through small towns located in the northeast of Brazil. His new documentary BECO is in fase of post-production and KING KONG IN ASUNCIÓN, his new feature film is in fase of pre-production.

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