A girl, a carranca, the river and the fear.



  • 18 Mar, 19:30
    Cine Jaguar
  • 19 Mar, 14:30
    Cine Jaguar


  • Cast
    Rafaela Souza, Edvaldo Silva, Osvaldo Conceição, Guilherme Silva.
  • Screenplay
    Wallace Nogueira e Marcelo Matos de Oliveira
  • Production
    Tiago Tao, Marcelo Matos de Oliveira e Wallace Nogueira
  • Photography
    Nicolas Hallet e Wallace Nogueira
  • Art
    Simone Dourado
  • Assembly
    Wallace Nogueira e Marcelo Matos de Oliveira
  • Sound Editing
    Catarina Apolonio


  • Wallace Nogueira & Marcelo Matos de Oliveira

    Wallace Nogueira & Marcelo Matos de Oliveira

    The partnership was born in 2005 and was conciliated with the creation of Vogal Imagem Productions in 2007. In the beginning, they produced many documentaries for fight for land associations, like the MST. They co-directed the documentaries BOM ZEZÉ CONTRA OS MAUS POLÍTICOS and DAMIÃO E COSME. They also worked in different departments, while shooting films like AGOSTO, URBANESAS and the feature film ÁLBUM DE FAMÍLIA (DOC TV IV), directed by Wallace and produced by Marcelo. They co-directed the fiction short-film MENINO DO CINCO (23 awards, 64 festivals in 22 countries).

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